Why Should You Opt for Xbox Live 12 Months Subscription?

If you want wholesome entertainment, the Free Xbox Live Gold twelve months subscription is generally one of the favorite options for many, as this enable you to use it for a longer period of time. This saves both your time and energy. Moreover, if you obtain the gold membership, you get access to Xbox live online storage. A subscription is the best way by which you will be able to enhance your gaming experience. The subscription will allow you to play online and also download contents from Microsoft. The benefits of using this subscription are as follows.

Free Games

With the subscription, you will be able to get unlimited access to free games. You will not have to spend some extra bucks in order to experience the excitement of new games, since you will be enjoy the demo versions of the new games. You will get a preview of the games even before they are released into the market. This way you will be able to play the games that look interesting and find out if they are worth buying. Having several games also means that you will not get bored playing the same games.

Play with More than One Player

The subscription will give you the liberty to include more than one player in a particular game. This implies that you will be able to compete with other players and thereby enhance your playing skills. You will be ranked in the game according to the results that you are getting. These ranking will allow you to determine the players who matches up to your level. Then you can select the players that you want to play with. In fact, you will also be able to connect with the players from all around the world and chat with them. Thus, it is good for socializing, too.

Obtainable at Good Rates

You will not have to spend too much money for securing this. In fact, you will be able to obtain it at a very good rate, only if you carry out some research. You can look for places that offer the most affordable rates. You can carry out this research online. This makes sure that you do not have to waste much time looking for the best deals.

Enjoy Exclusive Discounts

Players will be able to avail discounts that are offered by some stores. Thus, you can save money and also get the latest content. If you are able to get the gold membership, you will also receive constant update on the changes that are being made.

Use the Online Storage

Previously you had to save your games in the gaming consoles but with gold membership, you will not have to do that anymore. You will now be able to store the progress of your game online and play it whenever you want from where you left it. You will not require a hard drive for saving the games. You can save your games in the Xbox live online library and separate it from other downloads. This provides a problem free gaming experience. This is an easier method of augmenting your collection of games.

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